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The innovation factory powering your Internet of Things.




A 360° Aproach

We cover all spectrum of the development from Strategy to Production, through our proven agile development process.

We start by identifying the needs, then defining the strategic scenarios.

Therefrom we derivate the functional requirement of the product in both material and digital spaces.

Then start the mechanics of the electronic development. Closely followed by the embedded software development and the secured backend tools.

A strong analytics, a Big data approach, conclude the preparation.


Then we orchestrate the production and the logistics towards your distributors.

Last, but not least, we ensure the technical support on your behalf.


Breeding Design & Technology

On each project our industrial designer’s team up with our engineer to produce the best from the 2 worlds. Breeding design and tech for the best outcome.

We believe in a user-centric approach to design great user experiences that deliver the expected results.


As tech providers, we offer the latest open technologies to materialize the best front-ends and back-end solutions.


We maintain our advance through extensive Research & Development.


Security & Quality first

Safety of our design and security of your data are our first priority.

They are the essential elements of our customers’ satisfaction, therefore we value it utmost.

We have chosen to put in production only proven tools and proven concepts.

Our communication and stored-data are strongly encrypted. Always, no matter what.


Our backend are redundant, fault tolerant and multi-where hosted.

We aim at rock solid solution that offer a seamless user




Passionate by design and connectivity, our team is coming from the industrial design and the telecom world, starting 15 years ago by developing M2M solutions (machine-to-machine exchanges) though large telecom operators. Now with the progress of miniaturization and the possibility of treating large trunks of data in the cloud, a new world has opened its door.


We are definitively believing in it, willing to push up boundaries and stay ahead.


The Internet of Things (IoT) starts with your things - The things that matter most to you and your activity. Let's connect them. Let them generate data for you,  Then let us transform this connectivity to value that go far beyond you may expect today.

Our goal is to help you to find your way to connect your devices, analyze and access data with an IoT dashboard, and modernize your business with the Internet of Things.


In the digital age success comes from more than just completing a checklist of technology. It hinges on people. Keeping up with changing technology is vital. In a disruptive world, know-how must be built to adapt, to embrace new business strategies and continuously learn new trends.


At Connected Objects we dedicate 20% of each-of-us to learn on IoT trends, challenge ourselves against new technologies and exchange about our findings..



MQTT cloud platfom on Amazon

And more comming soon...


We provide strategy and design consulting to startups in exchange for corporate shares.
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Tel: 0884900200
119 Sukhuimvit 36 St.
Bangkok, 10110

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Internet of Things System Integrator

Enhance your products / processes / devices to connected objects. We help them to become securely connected via the cloud and then to generate data, then insights, thus value.

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